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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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there he is right on cue, and
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he called to my attention that we had not appropriately thanked inspector bill kidd for his contribution to the forming and the reason that we have one of the best hostage negotiation teams in the country, to that end, bill came into the police department in september of 1969, he served an incredible 31 years as a negotiater and instructer and coordinator and worked his way up to a team leader and did uncountable hours of negotiations and i had the privilege to see him work. under the direction and leadership of clap, and i am sorry that you did not think that you are going to get out of here without a mention. >> the they save lives, the lives that the hostage
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negotiater of today, thanks to the road paved, we continue to save the lives today and there is a lot more that could be said about the commander, and i want to say thank you, for all that you have done and largely responsible for where we are today. >> thank you. >> so this certificate, of appreciation recognizes william kidd retired sergeant and inspector in deepist gratitude for your service to the city of san francisco and it is worthy of the highest esteem by the san francisco police department awarded on the 22nd day of january, long overdue, 2014. [ applause ]
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>> and i know that we did not call this one out, but there is no way that i could not have made a similar plaque up for richard d. clap retired team commander and leader. >> chief, before commander clap and inspector kidd speak, i want to say that these two are part of the foundation of the police department and the chief always talks about our academy graduation and we are the second oldest in this country with the great tradition and the greatest tradition of this police department is that we have always been ahead of the curve in terms of policing, for example, you with the hostage negotiation that has saved lives, that is now moved to where we have crisis intervention trained officers to the cit on them and we are at the forefront of doing things differently for the benefit of the public and the
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foundation that comes from you two men who served this department, and i am very proud to have you here tonight and i am proud that the chief recognizes that you never leave this police department and once you are part of the family you will always be part of the family, so on behalf of the commission and i know that the commissioners may have something to say, i want to thank both of you for your service to the city in which you have done, you are san francisco's finist and thank you very much. >> thank you. >> commander? >> and this man is typical of the people that i worked with. i was privileged to be a founder among the founders of the police hostage negotiation team. ultimately regarded as probably the first, one of the best in the country, this man was key to it until 2005, as as leader
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and he served one term and that is indicative of being regarded by his peers so this is for people like bill kidd and he really up to the highest credit upon this san francisco police department and upon himself, so it was my pleasure to serve with people like bill ki--. >> thank you. >> thank you, commander, inspector kidd? thank you very much, it is a rare opportunity when you get an aware for doing what you love but for better or worse when the events took place and we started a event in san francisco and we one of several people who chose to get involved and became a fascinating subject to me and we had many occasions in our history in san francisco, where
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things were a little tense in terms of how things were going to come out but we found that not only was it a great idea, but that the people like commander clap and others were able to transmit their experience and share those and advocate on behalf of the concept and as a result, it is internationally accepted. standard and practice in law enforcement and saving lives around the world and like i say, i am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have been a participant in it and i truly appreciate this recognition. and certainly not what i expected but i thank you very much and i appreciate it very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >>
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>> thanks very much, call line item number two. >> general public comment, the public is now welcome to address the commission on items that are not on the agenda but in the sublt matter and jurisdiction of the commission, the speaker will address the remarks to the commission as a whole and not the individual commissioners or the department of occ personnel and under the police commission of order, during the public comment, the police or the personnel or commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but may provide a
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brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personnel should refrain from entering into any debate or discussions with speakers during the public comment and limit your comment to three minutes, good evening. >> good evening. and first of all i want to say that it is wonderful to see you again and that it is much more comfortable sitting in these seats, than in the board chambers where it killed my butt, but luckily, i have a lazarus butt and so i was able to bring it back from the dead and make it to this meeting, once again it was wonderful to see everybody there for four plus hours. but it was worth it.
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>> i came in with someone in my building and i was able to write out my own report so that the words would be the way that i needed to have them down and i went to the station yesterday and the officer took me very seriously and he read what i wrote and he also was very well aware of who this suspect was. and so, i want to commend and i have to spell the name because i can't pronounce it, dob rowo lski. he is polish, not russian, and star number 1 936. and so, not only did he give me a report, and follow up slip, but he also gave me the marci's card, and resources for the victims and then another little document which tells me about whom i can speak in the hall of justice for victim witness assistance programs and so i wanted to make sure that he got
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recognized for having provided wonderful service. and there is another officer who star number is 1096, his last name is sharlow and i was walking up oferrel, and near the nicon hotel and people came stumbling out of john folly's irish house and one of the guys bumped into me and almost knocked me into the street and when i got in front of the hilton hotel i was able to speak to the officer and who was busy and he had a drunk on the sidewalk all cuffed and waiting for a vehicle to come and take that guy off, but he took the time to walk once he was able to do that, he took the time to walk into the lobby of the hotel to see if we could find these people and he said that he is going to look on the surveillance tape and then call me. he actually did call me. he found the people given the
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description that i gave, but they got into the elevator and off to a room. so i wanted to thank him, and to let the chief know that these two gentleman are definitely on the job, and are very wonderful examples of what you can find in the san francisco police department, thanks again. >> thank you. >> good evening commissioners and the chief and the public. >> my name is anastien rice and it has been a while since i have been before you but i have exhausted all of my efforts before i come here tonight to con quor a problem and the problem is a noise problem. a neighbor that keeps banging from morning to night, the manager do the worst, and they are the worst slum road that is the gateway which it is called now and it is gotten out of control and so the main reason
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is that the rule of the game is that they have to have verification of the noise. well when they come up the little i called up the police and they have been wonderful fringes friends to me and it is useless and the only thing to do is to site the person and it should be the game and the rules should be changed at ten pm at night and the people do not complaint because they love to do it. and there is a good reason. and so, therefore, they should be cited after ten at night and i am imp lore you to change that rule because it does not work otherwise. the other thing is that there is a whole balloon now in the press about the pedestrian safety and accidents, and i imp
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lore you chief, to work with the puc who is starting to put lighting in the city, but they started to put it out in irviing street and we need it downtown where i am, it is the most congestived area in the city nothing is done. please take a walk down market street at night. the pedestrians can't see the cars, it is simple change the lighting so they are starting to put led lighting and they put it in my park, which i created which is called ferry park downtown and totally ineffective because it just lights up the bath ways and the rest of the park is darker than it was before and they didn't do the other part of the park so they are not doing their jobs. work with the parks department and get them to do it and so we have homeless in the park and we have crime. we have people breaking into
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cars in my area on washington street. and it is auful. so i am here to ask your cooperation to take care of those two problems. and i was recently cited for all of the work that i have done and the advice that i have given as far as many of the projects in the city including the water front and the park that i did and muni and other things and the police. so, please, do the best that you can and i know that you will greg and you have been a terrific friend through the years and i know that you are going to do it. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >> good evening miss brown. >> hi. once again i am back again and i would like to use the
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overhead. my son who was murdered on august 14, 2006, to a semi automatic gun to this day, i still have no justice. his case is a cold case. and as a mother, i grieve every day, and i just want to keep his memory and his case in the lime light. i don't want it to be, or him to be forgotten. his life was taken, he was a good boy. i have nothing else to hope for. this is something that i need to cope doing, coming down here every wednesday and putting his picture here. and hoping that somebody will recognize or even remember what happened that day. and give me some closure as a
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mother. i am frustrated, sometimes i am homeless. thinking that maybe i will never get justice for my son. but i can't give up. i show these pictures my son, laying here lifeless, and i don't know how to make this thing go smaller. i am sorry. what did i do? >> make it go smaller, to see his picture? >> this is another picture, and this is all thatvy left of him is his mangled body being shot to death, 30 rounds of bullets into my son. no mother, would i not wish this on any mother to have to see this or even have to go to a funeral home to identify
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their child's body. my son was a handsome boy with a beautiful smile and this is what they left me with. this hurts. and i'm tired of crying. you see what i have to look at and what i have to deal with every day and you might not want to. but this is my pain. this is my healing. i don't have my son any more. these men killed my son. all of these names. these are all of the perpetrators that were there that day. you have these names and you know who killed him.
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>> good evening, >> the young lady for the last ten years is probably 1,000, there have been 1,000 unsolved homicides in san francisco and i feel so bad for that, but the other point i am going to bring up something a little negative. the last few weeks, sfpd has made the bad press, gas station in the bay view and the officer discharging a weapon off duty, it is on you tube and it is embarrassing, i don't know all of the facts and i know the friends and said that she has a wise mouth and she asked for that, i don't know, i am not the police commission, and we are waiting on the results of that young man of assaulted allegedly by a police officer in the mission, you tube again. and still, not be said by sfpd
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and i know that the idea is looking into it chief sir but the transparency is a, number one and as the chief said, when my officers do something wrong, i address it and i go public with it. the laws may be different in new york and san francisco. but here you have privacy issues about the officers and you can't release the name. just like the shooters and his name is already out, his name is public. already. it is all over the press, everyone knows who he is. and it always comes out. so, transparency, the good, the bad and the ugly, my commanding officer in vietnam said that if it is bad i want to know it. i want to know it. don't hide it clyde, bad news doesn't get better with age and i am chief you said on kdeal, quote, unquote, when the... the
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housing authority video was released it would exonerate my officer. where is it? where is it, you got to have it by now. thank you. >> >> next speaker? >> thank you, commissioners, mark ruberg with the united taxi cab workers and i wanted to continue and follow up on the conversation that we began over rod's service and insurance and at the previous meeting and i realize that, what you basically said was, that the police department can't, do anything about the back of insurance. and i don't believe that is true and actually i believe that there are things that you should and must do, in this instance. and you may be aware that there was an another accident last
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friday, just the day after you had the joint meeting with the board of supervisors which involved an injury to the pedestrian which involved a lift driver. and this is an article that just came out yesterday kqed reporter, john brooks wrote a blog. and it is entitled, how many ride share drivers are hiding status from insurers and i have copis for all of you. okay, let's do that, then, thank you. >> and so that is now on the overhead. and i just want to read you this reporter's summary, the ride service companies like lift and side car, say that drivers personal insurance policies will cover some claims but the insurance industry says that the policies will not
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provide any coverage, the insurance industry says that the ride service drivers will have to buy commercial insurance when we are driving for hire and maybe when they are not. at least some ride service drivers are keeping their status secret from the insurance companies because they are afraid of losing coverage and this is documented very well in this article, a lot of it from internal sources in these company and so, here is the up shoot, when one of these cars is on the street, with a pink mustache on it or some other indication, or maybe no indication at all, that they are a ride service, if they do not have a passenger in the backseat, that is where the insurance gap comes in and the chances are overwhelming that this person is riding around without any insurance at that moment. and therefore, when an accident occurs, with a car which can be identified as a ride service car or even if it can't, because these guys are actively hiding the fact that this is the service that they are
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performing, even when it can't, it is incumbent upon the department to find out if this person is working for a ride service. because there may be no insurance, and is boy, i had another point and my time is out. so thank you very much. >> any further public comment? >> hearing none, public comment is now closed. we mentioned in the last meeting that several of the cab folks came forward that the public utilities handles matters involving this and the police commission does not. the police officers cannot pull people over to ask for insurance and they have to have a reason. but those are good kearns, whether or not these ride share companies do have adequate insurance because these are personal vehicles who, do we need to talk to about that chief to find out, i was actually told by a driver that
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he was told by uber that his insurance would cover it and knowing a little about about insurance law probably not. it is not really our world, there is a certain raised here. >> not being an expert on the insurance myself, but if a driver is driving and not insured, the officers will site the driver for not having insurance. >> thank you. >> please call the next line item number 3. >> line item three, 3a, chief's report, discussion. presentation of the annual report regarding the department's work with the joint terrorism task force, jttf and presentation regarding sexual assault dna testing. >> good evening, commissioners welcome back director hicks. concerned public. i am going to keep my report relatively brief because we have the two presentations tonight but very quickly, the tip line, again, every week miss brown does come and it
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does not go any easier week to week. we feel your pain, you put it out there about as real as it can happen. so if anybody has any information the names that miss brown show are suspects are people that are attributed to this crime, however we don't have a witness that would come forward. if anyone does have information, 757-4444, and no homicide is ever closed. we update miss brown as we can, unfortunately we have not had a lot of updates as of late. one of the other speakers spoke to two event that have happened in the police department and i have spoken and it is unfortunate when clyde talks about the guard and he leaves before i ever hears me respond to what happens and so i will save my comments there, but that case is at the occ. and if the officers were found
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to be outside of being appropriate, i will take the appropriate action, i did have a meeting with chalk and a bunch of kids from the mission, recently, we had a real good back and forth about the garden incident and the mlu that is before the school board right now. and so i just think that it is important that we keep talking about it and keep the dialogue going and our officers are accountable. and i am accountable. >> with regard to the officer involved shooting which we will actually discuss later. there was clear video at the gas station, the officer who was on the way home from work, was actually hit on the freeway, and got bless an off duty san francisco firefighter who witnessed this and felt that it was not going to go well when they got off the freeway and he followed and he filled in the audio of what was not on the video. and where the other driver actually assaulted the sergeant and she fired in self-defense, so again it all plays out on
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video, with an independent witness statement and she is lucky that she was okay and fortunately her attacker was not more seriously hurt than a break up or gravel from the ground that actually hit him in the ankle he was in the actually hit by gunfire we don't believe. it has been a busy time with the police department and with regard to the traffic collision that occurred and it was also mentioned that happened on the 17th after the joint meeting with the bike ped safety people at 1:23 in the afternoon an elderly female was transported for a leg injury and the prelim investigation shows that the vehicle had the signal but made a right turn north bound on to larkin and the driver did remain at the scene and cooperate and the initial report did show that she was working for lift, and that collision is under investigation, and when it is completed if there is probable
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cause to issue a citation for that violation that will be issued. an update on kia stevens who was at the commission the other night and spoke about the person who had struck her, having never been cited we did an audit of that report and she was correct and the citation was issued and sent registered mail through the court to that violater and she has been notified that citation was issued and we also received a call from a identify other people that want their issued. our audit is the same and ongoing and we will get the backlog cleared up. >> and not have one going forward. we had a little bit of violence but the officers did a great job on january 18th at approximately 10:30 four suspects approached a victim and one of the suspects shot at the victim, striking the victim, the suspects fled and the victim was transported and is in stable condition, the officers observed the vehicle in the park and the suspects
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fled two were later ap prehended and the firearm was recovereded as well. there was a stabbing on the embarcadero on the 19th, at a quarter to 2:00 in the morning and the suspect was stabbed and placed him under arrest and that victim is also in stable condition. we had a second shooting, at turk and tailor. on the 19th, at 9:00 p.m. the victims were standing on the street, heard the gun shots and two of the victims realized that they had down struck and the responding officers located the suspect and placed him under arrest and recovered the firearm and the third was at jennings and gilman in the bay view and there shots were fired from the vehicle and striking the driver, and the suspect fled the scene, the victim is in stable condition, and the officers were able to locate and pursue and arrest the suspect vehicle, without incident, and the suspect is
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discarded the firearm during the per suit and it was recovered, and the events not happening at all, and all four events the suspect and the weapon responsible for the injuries was taken into custody. and no one was more thankfully, nobody was more seriously hurt than to be in stable condition and no officers were hurt, so great job. and then, finally, on martin luther king day. there were many events and a lot of officers out. and we were at the labor breakfast in the morning and we were at john mirror school kiaser and a lot of volunteering went on and wenlt to the african center and closed with a freedom march at the train with at least the whole command staff and just about every member of the ofj and numerous other officers and great time and perfect weather and i think that all in all, we did right


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